101 Week is an annual event at the beginning of each school year to welcome first-year students to our university. 101 Week helps students navigate classes, social life, and all the resources available at the uOttawa. Happening the first week of September, 101 Week is full of fun and informational events!

101 Week is the same thing as Frosh week, we just use a different name at uOttawa!

Cost for 101 Week will vary depending on which Student Association you register with. You may want to go through the association for your program, which buys you in to UOSU events. The cost for UOSU’s 101 Week is $40.

This year’s 101 Week will be mainly in person, with a few online options and livestreams throughout the week!

Yes, all participants of 101 Week must sign a 101er contract and wear a bracelet for the duration of the week. The contract outlines safety precautions, acceptable conduct for the week, and general rules to follow!

Shinerama is the fundraising day of 101 Week, arranged by the Philanthropy representatives from the Recognized Student Governments. Shinerama collects donations for Cystic Fibrosis Canada. The day is full of fun challenges, activities, performances, and food!

No, not at all! We encourage you to go to as many events as possible to have a great experience, but it is your choice how many events you’d like to participate in.

A Recognized Student Government (RSG) is your student association! RSG members are elected from within your program and represent students through advocacy, boosting student life, and more. Find your RSG by visiting our Kits page, or come to us for help!

101 Weeks run by RSGs essentially buy you in to more events overall. Buying a kit from your RSG grants you access to all their events AND UOSU’s events. If you buy into UOSU’s 101 Week, the only events you’ll be able to participate in are those run by UOSU. While the RSG 101 Weeks have more events, the cost to participate is slightly higher than for UOSU’s 101 Week, so you can choose whichever interests or suits you.

For participants 18 years old or over, there will be a few events throughout the week taking place in Gatineau, Québec, offering alcohol. For every event in Gatineau, there will be an alternative event with no alcohol, or room for those under 18 to participate without drinking.

Yes. All students participating in 101 Week need to buy in through either their RSG or UOSU. A small amount of events will be open to outside participants, but the majority of events cannot be accessed without being registered and wearing your 101er bracelet.

101 Week is for first year students coming to the University of Ottawa.

Registration for the week has already begun for many RSGs! UOSU’s will begin later to accommodate the numbers from RSGs.